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Andrew Szabo, aka The Marketing Chef™ is an inspirational keynote speaker, marketing author, strategic facilitator and marketing strategy consultant who helps you stir up new business. He reinvents the way people view the marketing process by creating a splash of new ingredients, combinations, and flavors that result in a tantalizingly fresh marketing recipe. With over 30 years experience in the industry, and a client list including some of the best known names in households and boardrooms, Andrew Szabo is the marketer’s marketer. Andrew’s radio, print and speaking experience as The Marketing Chef inspired him to condense his wisdom into understandable and applicable marketing truths into a strategic recipe called: Irresistible Marketing™
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Irresistible Marketing Ingredients

Tagline – Your Positioning Slogan

PART 2 – When you think of a company, product, or service, what is one of the first things that come to mind?  Probably the tagline.  Branding taglines position your product or service in the mind of your target market. ” Taglines do not have to be long, they can be as short as two or three words: “Where’s the Beef?”, or as long as eleven or twelve: M&M’s: “The Milk Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand.”   However it is always best to keep your tagline as short as possible.  Just as too much of one ingredient can ruin a dish or pastry, too many words can often ruin a tagline making it hard to remember. Taglines need to be distinctive & benefit oriented.

Brand Taglines – Your Key Marketing Ingredient to Position your Offering

PART 1 – Taglines or branding slogans used in marketing materials & advertising are a key marketing ingredient for creating memorable positioning with your target audience. Makes what makes a particular phrase memorable? A new scientific study from Cornell University gives you the clues you need to make your slogan or tagline memorable and position your offering or product with greater effectiveness in the prospect’s mind.

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