Your Marketing Value Proposition – What Makes It Irresistible?

Marketing Ingredient # 009

Ahi Tuna & Wine - Irresistible

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What makes what you offer irresistible? A four part recipe:

  1. Novelty РWhat do you do or offer that is different and important to your prospect or clientele?
  2. Utility – What’s useful to your target audience about what you offer?
  3. Dependable – How can you demonstrate consistency & dependability to your target audience?
  4. Economic benefit – How does your target market gain an economic benefit from your offering?

Getting N.U.D.E. is the answer to your irresistible positioning!
(Acknowledgement: Adapted from Scott Degraffenreid’s research on referral marketing,)


  1. OK
    OK, YOU got my attention with the picture worth a thousand words and it seals your brand, how appropriate. Is getting NUDE anything like SELLINGNAKED By Joe and Dawn PICI? These are great blogs and yes I will sign up for the tips.

  2. Im having a little problem posting my first post, so I;m not sure if you got it.

  3. Ann – not sure if this is anything like SellingNaked – will check that out.
    The use of the N.U.D.E. construct is an adaptation of the extensive research done by a friend of mine, Scott Degraffenreid. He used the science of Social Network Analysis and Root Cause Analysis to measure actual behavior patterns and has discovered a model for creating exponential growth in organic referrals within your existing customers. Essentially he figured out the mathematics behind “The Tipping Point” .
    In talking with Scott (by the way he’s one of my collaborator on Foundations to Irresistible Marketing I realized if something is highly referable it must be “simply irresistible!” from a positioning standpoint – hence my adaptation!

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