What’s Your Story?

Marketing Ingredient # 011

Is your message as bland as spam?

Photo: Joe Gough

Every person, every business, every organization has a story to tell. Sadly, most are as bland as spam!

Children and adults alike, love stories. A good story is the underpinning to great movies, sermons and life! And your core story is a key foundational ingredient to your marketing, just as a tasty stock is foundational to an excellent soup or sauce!

Find your story. Structure it as a story. Begin with an irresistible set-up; the middle holds you with fascination or action, and the end builds to climax and resolution.
In addition, make sure it’s relevant to your target audience. Ensure it is persuasive (moves the heart, mind and soul), and it’s compelling  … ignites action!


  1. We all have a story to tell. We just have to narrate it well. I agree with you!

  2. I’ve found stories to be a big game changer. It puts people in their hearts, let’s them have an experience, and connect to the message or material being presented. It’s so often overlooked, or done in a boring way. When it’s compelling, it has staying power.

  3. And we lead with our hearts don’t we?

  4. Good point Tereza!

  5. I’ve found this the hardest yet most important part of my own marketing. It really is why those who dig deep and find that story that is uniquely theirs are the true stand outs.
    Great post!

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