Your Marketing Calendar Prevents “Marketing Episodes”

Marketing Ingredient # 012

Photo: Maxime Perron

The key marketing ingredient that facilitates the success of your marketing goals is your marketing calendar. It helps you prioritize all the other ingredients and sequence them just like a recipe.

After all what is a recipe? A list of ingredients in specific portions accompanied by a sequence of strategically oriented actions.

Implementing your marketing calendar effectively, will not only enable you to coordinate all your marketing, but also assists you in budgeting your efforts.

A marketing calendar will strategically systemitize your marketing efforts and eliminate “marketing episodes” – when the panic sets in and you say – “We need more business, lets _____(Fill in the blank)*___ “ and causes more wasted marketing dollars than anything else!

* Redo our website / do a direct marketing campaign / launch a Facebook page / create a marketing video / and many more!


  1. Patty Farmer says:

    Great blog post, I really like the reference to the ‘recipe’ and having all the right ingredients.

    Patty Farmer “The Networking CEO”

  2. The simple is often the most profound. You inspired me to focus on my calendar to make it happen. Thanks!

  3. I am loving these ‘ingredients’, Andrew. Marketing calendars undoubtedly lead to smoother routes of success.

  4. Great graphics but where can I like the page?

  5. The calendar provides discipline. This is good information to know, Andrew.

  6. Definitely agree with the importance of the calendar!

  7. My calendar helps me get to where I need to be, when I need to be there. One of the most important tools I use on a daily basis.

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