Leverage the Power & Potency of Your Marketing Ingredients

 Spice up your marketing by leveraging the power and potency of your ingredients.

Spicy Marketing

There is Power in Different Ingredients

Just like in cooking, varying your ingredients will create a different taste to your marketing, making it more interesting and appetizing.

Marketing ingredients come in different flavors to add, subtract and make your “marketing sauce” more flavorful and ultimately simply irresistible.

The potency of marketing ingredients also varies.

Here are twelve examples:

  1. The marketing power of publicity is interrupting and informing with a high level of credibility.
  2. The marketing power of radio or podcasting is intimacy.
  3. The marketing power of video is often in demonstration.
  4. The marketing power of your blog or website is creating interaction.
  5. The marketing power of a postcard is its ability to interrupt – like a billboard you can’t help but read it.
  6. The marketing power in many promotional items often serves as a persistent reminder of your brand.
  7. The marketing power in many forms of Social Media is in building a tribe of engaged followers or fans.
  8. The marketing power of a trade show exhibit is face-to-face marketing perhaps with many people you’ve never met.
  9. The marketing power in accepting credit cards makes it easy to do business with you.
  10. The marketing power of a recommendation literally testifies to your character, expertise or reliability.
  11. The marketing power in a simple thank you card makes someone feel special.
  12. The marketing power of a performance guarantee reduces risk in a transaction.

But not all marketing ingredients are appropriate for every organization or offering. Select carefully! Select strategically!

For example, a billboard may be highly effective for a local business-to-consumer heating and air-conditioning company, but is strategically inappropriate for a national business-to-business software application development company. Likewise a government contractor sending expensive corporate suite tickets for the last game of the World Series to a purchasing agent of a federal government agency as a thank you for their last order could be perceived as illicit.

However, my friend Michael Hoffman, professional keynote speaker, often sends personalized group photos from his speeches as an individualized thank you photo card to the meeting planner. That’s both a gracious and inexpensive gift that keeps on giving as recipients often keep the cards long after the event.

Get to understand the power, potency and product of your marketing ingredients. For a personalized marketing ingredient audit contact The Marketing Chef at AuditMe@TheMarketingChef.com


  1. Sandi Coryell says

    Love this post, Andrew! Really stopping to think about why were are using a certain marketing medium truly does help determine content, timing, target…. Also, love the visual!

  2. Andrew, I love reading your articles! I always learn. This is terrific to know about marketing. Thanks!

  3. Great analogy. You do not need to use EVERY marketing ingredient to bake a success.

  4. Great post! Marketing “sauce” needs mixing indeed!

  5. Love this one and so absolutely true…

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