Just like good cooking, your marketing needs to generate a reaction in your recipient that causes them to salivate in anticipation of your offering. Sadly, most marketing today has been hastily thrown together or pre-packaged and hence fails to satisfy. It lacks flavor and is devoid of nutritional value.

The Marketing Chef likens its philosophy to that of a great culinary chef. Such a chef has the ability to create an explosive dish by determining and integrating the best quality and appropriate ingredients. The chef does not always make each specific ingredient, but he or she does have the ability to know which ingredient will interplay the most effectively in order to produce unique recipes and create special menus. When it comes to marketing, strategy is vital. If you don’t develop a strategy for your marketing, then tactics will determine your strategy. Using tactics as a foundation is like cooking with spoiled milk or rancid meat. No matter how you prepare it, it’s going to make people sick. Starting with a clear strategy not only guarantees you’ll use the best ingredients but ensures you’ll create a recipe for success!


The Foundations, Stocks and Sauces are of primary importance in Cookery and their value cannot be over-emphasized. It is impossible for the chef or cook to do excellent cooking if the “fonds de cuisine” are not made with the best ingredients obtainable. The better the ingredients employed, the better the final result. It is considered false economy to neglect this very important part of the Culinary Art.

Similarly, the Foundations, Stocks and Sauces of your Marketing are your Strategy, your Message and your Marketing-Media Vehicles. Each are composed of ingredients that must be carefully selected, combined and deployed. The quality of your strategy determines the effective outcome of your tactical execution. The creative crafting of your message ensures more persuasive marketing to your target audience. Selecting the correct combination of marketing vehicles or ingredients will drive efficiency in your marketing.

Ingredients Impact Results.


Most business people are not “marketing chefs.” A CEO of a company is like a restaurant owner or manager. He or she often has a great concept, technically understands how to run the front of the house operationally and serve customers. However, they often times do not know how to market its product-service offering or manage the kitchen. Just as restaurants must distinguish themselves with a radical differentiation point in order to survive in a brutally competitive market, so must an organization differentiate itself in its market.

The passion for Andrew Szabo as The Marketing Chef is to create “new marketing menus” for clients by determining the best strategy for each, assembling and incorporating the best tactics to achieve the strategy, and then overseeing their implementation.

The Marketing Chef is available to speak, comment, strategize or consult to whoever will listen!