Booking Andrew Szabo

Name the last event you attended that was really worth the time and money you spent on it.

Having trouble thinking of one?
You’re not alone.

The Bad News: Most events don’t make a difference.
The Good News: Yours can.

Don’t just plan an Event.

Plan a Transformation.

Time is money, and your attendees shouldn’t be wasting either. You can book “just another speaker” to listen to between the salad and the main course…or you can invite Andrew Szabo, the Marketing Chef, to make your event worth every penny.

Marketing is often a misunderstood or confusing part of business. Ask a room full of people to define marketing and you’ll receive a variety of answers, such as: “It’s advertising,” “It’s product promotion,” “Sales,” and even “It’s getting the fish in the boat.” Andrew is a powerful speaker who clearly defines marketing.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, and a client list including some of the best known names in households and boardrooms, Andrew Szabo is the marketer’s marketer. Andrew’s radio, print and speaking experience as The Marketing Chef inspired him to condense his wisdom into understandable and applicable marketing truths.

Rather than the usual hyped presentation or sales job veiled as advice, Andrew Szabo delivers facts, tips and strategies that your attendees can start implementing that day.

What if your attendees left better equipped than they were when they came in? What if they saw a real, measurable difference simply because they attended your meeting?

Every one of your attendees are trusting you with their time – time they can never get back. Make the time they spend with you one of the best investments they make. Make your event transformational; schedule Andrew to speak. Please contact Melissa Szabo at 972-444-9310 or for additional information or to book Andrew.

To view Andrew’s promotional video click here.

Current Marketing Chef Topics:

  • How to make your marketing irresistible
  • Five tasty secrets to accelerate your networking
  • Increasing your return on marketing in a tight economy
  • Avoid the top 3 marketing deathtraps and get more business
  • IRRESISTIBLE! The marketing strategy to allure your audience
  • SWEET SEDUCTION – Cooking up your compelling core story
  • FOUNDATIONS, STOCK & SAUCES – Stirring up your marketing for radical new outcomes
  • ENTICE! How to move the heart, mind & soul in 60 seconds, 6 or 16 minutes
  • Customizable Topic – MARKETING RECIPES for…[tailored to your specific vertical]

Andrew can customize any topic to the needs of your specific audience. Now is the time to make your marketing irresistible. Please contact Melissa Szabo at 972-444-9310 or for additional information or to book Andrew.