Become “Simply Irresistible®” in 2014

Businesses will experience one of

three outcomes in 2014:

Some will FAIL, some will SURVIVE and there will be those that THRIVE.

Which one will YOU be?

Marketing to small businesses

The sad stats on small business failures!

According to the SBA, you have a 50/50 chance of building a business that survives for five years or more. You want more, don’t you? You don’t want to just survive, but thrive! You want to build an enterprise and a brand that generates the kind of income that will support you and your family. The number one challenge facing entrepreneurs and small business owners is how to effectively and consistently generate new revenues and customers. Revenue depends on creating demand for your offering (marketing), and then converting that demand into revenue (sales).

Consequently …

Irrespective of your business,
your JOB is marketing!

The critical difference between those who fail, survive or thrive is MARKETING. Regardless whether you’re in hi-tech, low-tech or no-tech; whether you’re a solepreneur, freelancer or small business owner – the MOST CRITICAL FUNTION in building your business is to create demand for your offering.

Would you start cooking for a dinner party without considering who’s coming to dinner and planning a menu? Yet so many entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives run into the marketing kitchen and make a mess of their marketing because of poor planning and lack of strategy. Make 2013 different with a simply irresistible™ marketing strategy.

We’re almost in the second month of 2014
– are you getting the results you expected?
It’s not too late to change the trajectory for this year!

Sometimes we have to “reboot” our computers to get them working right again. March is a good time to reboot your marketing and create a different outcome for the year. It’s an opportunity for you to ensure that YOUR business will THRIVE in 2014.

Marketing Coaching

© 2013-14 Andrew Szabo – The Marketing Chef™

How You Can Stir Up New Revenues with
Simply Irresistible™ Marketing

The Simply Irresistible Marketing development program is a unique and proven strategic process that has boosted revenues and the profitability of hundreds of small business owners, solepreneurs, independent reps and contractors, as well as consultants, speakers and service professionals.

Marketing Strategy Steps: Discover - Develop - Deploy

© 2013-14 Andrew Szabo – The Marketing Chef™

Join Andrew Szabo as he mentors you through this eight-week program. Knowing that you are juggling many facets of your business in the everyday “whirlwind” of your life, this program has been tailored to fit into your already hectic schedule.

It’s fast – eight weeks from start to finish.

It’s results driven – and guaranteed
(Not satisfied? – Your investment is refunded.)

It’s worth your time – implement what you learn and you’ll move your business ahead every week.

Marketing Coaching

© 2013-14 Andrew Szabo – The Marketing Chef™

It’s proven to help entrepreneurs and small business owners break through to a new level in their business.

How Do We Do It?

The program is structured to give you what you need to discover new insights into your business and your customers. Together we can then more effectively design, develop and deploy a strategic marketing action plan. A marketing plan that attracts, engages and converts prospects; creates customers and clients, escalates revenues and produces advocates for your business. The Marketing Chef™ removes the mystery of marketing and works hand-in-hand with you to create a recipe for success, stirring up new revenue by making you simply irresistible™.

DISCOVER: “Without insight and revelation, it’s just useless information.”

The weekly WebWorkshop will be the most insightful 75-90 minutes of your week. Each week a different facet of marketing is presented in an easy-to-understand and memorable format that will build from week to week. During the interactive discussion session, we’ll work through from information to insight to revelation specifically applied to YOUR business and YOUR customers and prospects. Topics include:

  1. Research Your Target – Let Your Customers Tell You How to Market
  2. Create Your Positioning with Purpose, Power and Profit
  3. Build Your Brand with Personality and Emotion
  4. Craft Your Message: Make it Relevant, Persuasive & Compelling
  5. Distill your Message into an “Irresistible” 8-second Hook, your 30-second Verbal
    Commercial; and the “3-Minute pitch”
  6. Integrate Your Marketing Ingredients to Maximize Marketing ROI
  7. Prioritize Your Tactics into a 90-day Action Plan
  8. Execute Effectively on your Top 2 “Wildly Important” Marketing Actions

DEVELOP: “The power is in the process.” 

The Marketing Chef has stirred up, shaken up and spiced up a lot of organizations’ marketing. He has a pantry full of ingredients, tools and techniques to share from his marketing kitchen. Each week you will receive another “piece of the process” so that you are not overwhelmed with just another “dump” from an “expert’s” “complete collection of tools, templates, and checklists.” In addition, Andrew will work with you to craft a simple recipe at each step of the marketing process. Each recipe will contain a few key ingredients and a sequence of action steps to execute and take another marketing step forward in your business.

DEPLOY: “Transformation is the application of information.” 

Information, ideas and intent are impotent until you take action. The 1:1 mentoring will provide specific guidance, focus and prioritize you and your business. The Marketing Chef will provide you with:

  • Assistance in Action
  • A Drive to Deploy
  • A System for Success
  • A Means of Measurement
  • An Accountability to Action

Who Is Andrew Szabo and
Why Should You Be Mentored by The Marketing Chef?

Foundations to Irresistible MarketingAndrew Szabo is The Marketing Chef™ – marketing and business strategist, professional speaker and marketing mentor. He is the creator of Irresistible Marketing™ a strategic process to sir up new revenues by making you Simply Irresistible™. Andrew is the author of Foundations to Irresistible Marketing, a five disc audio CD set + 150 page workbook, which the late Zig Ziglar called “the whole shootin’ match.” Arnold Sanow, author of Marketing Bootcamp said “Andrew Szabo is one of the most talented, professional and successful marketing professionals I know.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, and a client list including some of the best known names in households and boardrooms, Andrew Szabo is the marketer’s marketer. Andrew’s radio, print and speaking experience as The Marketing Chef inspired him to condense his wisdom into understandable and applicable truths: Simply Irresistible Marketing™.

A diversified array of marketing activities has cultivated Andrew Szabo’s thinking and truths. He has been responsible for strategic planning, brand positioning, advertising and business development for divisions of major companies as diverse as Dell, Household Finance, Hyatt Hotels, MeadWestvaco, RKO Motion Pictures, and Sony Computer Entertainment. He speaks to groups as diverse as Oracle Corporation, Women’s Entrepreneurship Conferences and Texas Cardiovascular Innovative Ventures.

Further, he has counseled, consulted and coached numerous organizations in hi-tech, low-tech and no-tech; from healthcare to credit unions and small businesses to the solepreneur. The same strategic marketing issues plague them all. Andrew calls these the “Seven Major Marketing Malfunctions.” If they are the disease, Irresistible Marketing is the antidote.

The accumulation and culmination of these experiences has taught him that he can market anything, or anyone. And he wants to share that with you and help you market yourself and your business.

The Marketing Chef

Simply Irresistible™

Learn How To Make 2014 Better Than Ever with

Marketing Coaching

What are you waiting for?

Here’s what you get:

Andrew Szabo - The Marketing Chef

Andrew Szabo

Weekly Sessions: Eight 45-60-minute information-packed and insightful WebWorkshops focused on:

  • collecting customer input
  • crafting your positioning
  • conceiving your brand
  • creating an irresistible message
  • choosing the most impactful marketing ingredients for YOUR business
  • checking your current ingredients for congruency
  • creating a marketing calendar and action plan
  • constructing a cadence of action and accountability

The sessions are digitally recorded for you to review later as well.

Personal Coaching: Eight 30-45-minute one-on-one consulting ideation sessions where you work directly with The Marketing Chef™ on the specific application to YOUR business so you can take immediate action.

Marketing Coaching

Get access to the same tools and processes for $’000 less!

Processes & Tools: You will get access to multiple tools, checklists and proprietary ingredients from The Marketing Chef’s “kitchen.”

Plus, you’ll receive bonus information and the best simply irresistible™ marketing practices direct from Andrew with his latest thinking, trends and research on the weekly topic, (including potentially unreleased chapters from his upcoming books).

Incidentally, the recipes, tools and ingredients he shares are identical to the ones he uses with clients that pay him thousands of dollars when engaged for strategic facilitation.


Here’s what you are going to learn:

Each week there is a topic presented and discussed during the 90-minute WebWorkshop and mentoring session. It’s a “WebWorkshop” because it’s hands on:

Marketing Coaching Process

You’ll gain understanding from the information, receive revelation as you work through the issues in the ideation session, and walk away with a recipe for application to implement that week. There is a companion workbook that contains the program material and weekly “action” sheets for you to complete. It’s transformative because of the actionable content and the measurable accountability.

Here’s the deal…

I don’t want to waste your time. And honestly I don’t want to waste mine either. So I developed the program for busy entrepreneurs who are tired of the same old, same old, they want a better way – to figure out quickly the right things to do and execute them right.  They’re ready to make it happen and grow their venture. For $4,700 $2,700* you get EVERYTHING you need to make 2014 a killer year. I even offer a convenient payment plan!

(* I’m only offering three spots to beta test this revised program – before I roll it out to my entire database at $4700)

AND, if you’re not satisfied with the program or don’t feel it was worth the investment of you money and time, just let me know and I’ll refund your entire program investment. I know what I’m offering is valuable and WILL create a breakthrough in your business. And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Do you hope to succeed in 2014? Of course you do!!!

The problem is, hope is not a strategy. Hope isn’t going to make it happen. And strategy without action is but a dream. And action without strategy is a nightmare.  You need to DISCOVER Insights, DEVELOP a Strategy and DEPLOY … Execute on your key actions. That’s what makes The Marketing Chef’s program different and why it works. It’s actionable strategy.

You’ll learn what to do based on your objectives and issues.

You’ll learn how to prioritize activities that will generate revenue
with the least effort, time and investment.

And most importantly, you’ll learn how to get it all done
(either by doing it yourself, or by working with the right people to support you).

Some clients have executed almost everything with just my coaching and mentoring. Others needed help with marketing actions they didn’t like doing or were beyond their capabilities. But the key point is they DID IT. They MADE IT HAPPEN. They broke through to a new level. And now they’re operating and managing growing businesses – and you can too!

Are you ready to get started?

All you have to do is click here I’m READY! Just so you know how confident I am in the DISCOVERDEVELOPDEPLOY methodology; if you don’t feel you have received your money’s worth of valuable information, insights, mentoring, tools and techniques – just let me know and I’ll refund your investment. No questions asked. That’s how confident I am that your expectations will be exceeded and the terrific impact it will have on your business.

Space is limited…don’t miss out!

Act Now!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Remember, this is up to you. You can start something new, generate great results and create a breakthrough in your business. OR you can do the same things … and get the same results you’ve always gotten. The choice is up to you.

Join me and become simply irresistible!



Andrew Szabo – The Marketing Chef™
Creator of Simply Irresistible™ Marketing

P.S. #1 – You CAN do this – and I’ll help. If you want to video chat about it
Skype me at Szabo57 or email me at Andrew(at) TheMarketingChef (dot) com or call me at 972-444-9310

PS #2 – The information, insights and ideation you’re getting in my WebWorkshops, the recipes, tools and workbook are invaluable and can easily generate a return on your investment with your first marketing campaign.

PS #3 – Don’t forget you have nothing to lose with my money-back guarantee. The WebWorkshops, recipes, tools and workbook will facilitate the deployment of your own profitable marketing campaigns. If not, you may return the program within 60 days for a full refund no questions asked. Just return the program materials with a note about what you did. I’ll still send you a full refund. You have absolutely no risk!

Simply Irresistible® Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Executives

© 2014 Andrew Szabo – The Marketing Chef™