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Foundations to Irresistible Marketing

“If you want to revolutionize your marketing strategy to get
MORE business, take time to read this!”

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to revolutionize your marketing strategy, connect
with your target customer and GET MORE BUSINESS, then this might be
the most important letter you’ll ever read.


Here’s why:
You will discover how to flavor your marketing
strategy and make it IRRESISTIBLE so you will be thought of FIRST,
OFTEN and WELL! Having your target customers think of you first,
often and well results in MORE business or I’ll double your money

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy.
Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say:

Reason one: I have almost 30 years of business and marketing
experience and am the founder of Marketing Symphony, a strategic
marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas.

Reason two: My experience isn’t limited to one area of marketing.
During my 30-year career I have cultivated a diverse array of
marketing experience including client-focused marketing, business
development and consulting. I have been responsible for strategic
planning, brand positioning, advertising and direct marketing for
divisions of major companies including Dell, Household Finance,
MeadWestvaco, Sony, Weblink Wireless and countless emerging growth

I have served as Chief Marketing Officer of a
Fortune 100 subsidiary; strategist and Business Development Director
for the world’s largest direct marketing agency as well as working
in boutique and specialized agencies. I have marketed in many
differing sectors whether they were hi-tech, low-tech or

Reason three: I have over 20 years experience as a public speaker
and have spoken to thousands of people across the United States. I
am a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, a Charter Member of the
Association of Coaching, and hold the AC-B designation with
Toastmasters International.

Here is a summary of the benefits you

"Foundations to Irresistible Marketing" combines the expertise
of FIVE leaders in marketing and sales

Leaving no part of
your marketing untouched

Shares over 100 foolproof and timeless marketing

Giving your marketing a strong solid

Provides over 50 implementable action

Allowing you to be proactive in your marketing
instead of reactive

Contains over 20 key activities
Ensuring a
systematic implementation of your marketing

Uncovers the TOP three deathtraps of

Protecting you from costly or fatal

Gives you expert tips for reaching the

Resulting in credible publicity and exposure

Divulges the best times for media coverage
you ahead of the competition

Unleashes the power to get more

Multiplying your “best customer” base

Exposes the four attributes that drive all

Equipping you to work smarter not harder

Reveals the secret component to effective

Transforming how you connect

Defines the vital qualities of success in

Increasing your bottom line

Revolutionizes the way you think about your

Creating powerful change in all your

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those

Let me explain.

"Foundations to Irresistible Marketing" is a powerful set of 5
audio CDs.  I want to give you a few specifics about the 5 CD set and the
experts who will be walking you through these five ingredients that
will change your business forever! You will also receive a 180 page
workbook that covers each CD so you can truly integrate and apply
the expert’s ideas. Like anything, just purchasing the CD set does
not do magic on its own. That is why application is so important to
me and why I made sure to include the workbook. Every principal from
the CDs has been incorporated into the workbook.  In addition, you will
find BONUS action steps.

CD #1
Andrew Szabo, “The
Marketing Chef” ~ that’s me ~ creator of Irresistible Marketing,
guides you through the first key ingredient: strategy. I am a
marketing author, speaker, strategist, and consultant who strives to
reinvent the way people view the marketing process. I possess almost
30 years of experience in the industry and have served as Chief
Marketing Officer of a F100 subsidiary, strategist business
development director for the world’s largest direct marketing
agency, hosted a radio show program for small businesses and am the
founder of Marketing Symphony, a strategic marketing firm based in
Dallas, Texas. I outline a strategic process geared toward your
target audience that makes your product-service offering enticing,
alluring and instantly referable, as well as discuss three
deathtraps to avoid in marketing.

Jeff Crilley, an Emmy Award winning TV reporter in Dallas, Texas and
author of Free Publicity, shares his expertise in the second key
ingredient to irresistible marketing: publicity. Jeff will change
the way you think about the Press, Public Relations and ultimately
the way you approach the news media in order to get your name and
product more coverage.

CD #3
Scott Degraffenreid,
author of Embracing the N.U.D.E. Model and The New Art and Science
of Referral Marketing, provides you with an analytical approach to
the third key ingredient: referrals. One of the few people in his
field using Social Network Analysis to develop leading edge business
applications, he provides the skills necessary to create a favorable
referral environment to increase your customer base using the
N.U.D.E. model.

CD #4 NETWORKING: Jeff Klein, speaker,
author of “30 Seconds to Success: Generate Referrals with your 30
Second Commercial," and creator of Klein Creative. He shares his
wealth of knowledge in the fourth key marketing ingredient:
networking. He will show you the generosity of networking and the
steps to create your own personal 30-second verbal commercials for
more effective networking.

CD #5
Bryan Flanagan, an
accomplished speaker and author of the book "Now Go Sell Somebody
Something," covers the fifth and final ingredient to marketing:
sales. Bryan has served as the Director of Corporate Training for
the Zig Zigler Corporation for over twenty years and closes out the
series by changing the way you view the entire sales process.

Foundations to Irresistible Marketing

Don’t take my word for it.
Listen to what
other speaker/authors and our customers say.


Zig ZiglarWith “Foundations to Irresistible Marketing” you get
the whole shootin’ match! Sales, publicity, referrals,
networking and strategy. These five CDs will prove to be
a great investment in you, your business and your

Zig Ziglar
World Renown Author and



Ed ForemanCongratulations, Andrew, on your impressive, useful
business enhancement program, “Foundations to
Irresistible Marketing.” The presentations by you and
your talented faculty associates…the question and
answer sessions…and the comprehensive workbook are
great tools for anyone desiring to improve their
personal and professional performance. It is a most
worthwhile marketing educational program.


Professional Speaker and Principal, Executive
Development Systems, Inc.

Self-made Millionaire &
former United States Congressman – Texas & New



Arnold SanowAndrew Szabo is one of the most talented,
professional and successful marketing professionals I
know. He provides practical, real life and how-to advice
that can be used immediately. He also conveys it in an
easy to understand manner that anyone can easily
implement. He is the Marketing Chef of all Chefs. I
highly recommend him.

Professional Speaker and Author of “Marketing
Boot Camp”



Stu SchlackmanHaving my own company that delivers keynotes and
training constantly has me looking at ways to generate
more leads, visibility and revenue. There are many
companies in the market today that promise tremendous
returns in short periods of time with the intent to
receive your money up front and provide very little
substance when it comes to explaining their approach to
marketing. Andrew Szabo is truly The Marketing Chef. He
has delivered a program that serves up a feast of
pertinent information that will generate new business,
an increase in demand for your products and services and
a solid marketing strategy. His approach provides a
foundation of substance, proven marketing techniques and
methodologies that will provide you focus and will
deliver results!

Stu Schlackman
Author of
"Don't Just Stand There, Sell Something"

and "Four
People You Should Know”
Founder, Competitive



“Foundations to Irresistible Marketing" helped me
turn my business around. In a recession period of our
economy, my business went from a downward curve to
profits that exceed all expectations or projections! The
things I have changed to make the business turn around
were directly linked back to what I learned from Andrew.
I truly believe that if I hadn't completed the program,
followed the steps and referred back to the program for
help and guidance, I would be looking for a job, rather
than looking for another employee! Thank you Andrew, you
truly are a marketing genius!

Owner, Grinder Enterprises,



"Foundations to Irresistible Marketing" provides much
more value in important business areas than is typical
from a "business self-help" program!  Great packaging
and outstanding content.  Every page of the workbook and
every minute of each audio CD contains countless, usable
tips.  Concisely produced and yet loaded with helpful
details and steps to improve any organization from the
foundation up.  Providing both the transcript of the
audio (great for note-taking) and the Executive
Summary/Activity plan makes the program very effective
by causing immediate review and application of the
concepts presented.  The Activity Plan sections have
become the foundation of my marketing "Action Plan."  I
love that this makes something that can seem so hard
(the planning-implementation of marketing activities)
actually quite predictable, targeted and therefore

Pliny Gale


Pliny Gale


Warning: Do NOT any marketing product or
unless it meets the following 3

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give
you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in
any solution you obtain:

– If you don’t develop a strategy for your marketing then tactics
will determine your strategy. Using tactics as a foundation is like
cooking with spoiled milk or rancid meat. No matter how you prepare
it, it’s going to make people sick. Starting with a clear strategy
not only guarantees you’ll use the best ingredients but ensures
you’ll create a recipe for success!

APPLICATION – Many products tell you “What to do” but leave out “How
to do it.”  In other words, they are missing the vital element –
practical application. That’s like giving someone a recipe that is
just a list of ingredients!!! Sure you could guess how much of each
ingredient to use, how to combine them, what temperature to cook
them at and for how long…but odds are if you don’t have the gift and
the experience no one will want to taste what your serving.

INGREDIENTS – Most marketing products focus on selling you the
benefits of their single approach, such as a direct mailing, an ad
campaign, an email blast, etc. Just like you wouldn’t use one
ingredient when cooking, you shouldn’t use only one tactic for
marketing. I have discovered over 160 different things you can do in
marketing. This product helps you choose the perfect ingredients for
your marketing. Your customers deserve to be served a three course
meal, not just a big plate of garlic.

You get at least 10 times your money’s

this is NOT a waste of your money:


If you
listen to the CDs and apply the principles, you will make more money
— guaranteed or double your money back!


I’m guaranteeing the CDs or double your money back, it is impossible
to lose money.


don’t give you a band-aid or “five simple ways” to improve — we teach
you how to THINK in a new way about your marketing strategy! Now,
that creates change.


will know exactly how to make your marketing IRRESISTIBLE, not just
better! Everyone will notice the change as your client base


Have I
said already that you will make more money? How? Well, when your
clients think of you first, often and well, you will get more


your prospects think of you first, often and well, you will get
first crack at their business.


your referral sources think of you first, often and well, they will
become your advocates – resulting in a stream of referrals.


all of your business relationships thinking of you first, often and
well, there is NO WAY you won’t be making more money!

Do you even need another
reason to order the five CD set?
Well, I have one!

understand that it is truly not always about us. While our
businesses begin to thrive and we prosper financially, it is our
responsibility to think of others as well. I am sure you agree but
it is not everyday that you able to help others by ing something
that is guaranteed to also help you in such a dramatic

When you invest in the "Foundations to Irresistible
Marketing" CD set, you will not only transform your business but you
will transform the lives of starving children. Your purchase will
provide 720 meals, enough to feed 24 orphans for 1 month at a
designated Children’s Hope Chest Care Point facility in Swaziland,
Africa; which has the highest AIDS rate in the world and is quickly
becoming a nation of children.

Again, I ask you—what is
better than ordering a product that is going to completely
revolutionize the way you do business AND the lives of deprived
orphans in Africa?

 Children's Hope Chest Care Point

In summary, here’s what you get:

You get a complete system to take your business to the next
level; including 5 CDs packed full of revolutionary insight from 5
marketing speaker/author experts, 180 page workbook bursting with
practical application steps and bonus action items and your
purchase will provide 720 meals to feed starving orphans in
Swaziland, Africa.

If you respond right away, you pay only $125.00.

Act immediately and receive the following

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want
to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES
today! If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the

Bonus 1:

A comprehensive list of 165 different ways to
market your business or product and the methodology to
conduct an audit of your current marketing activities (Value

Bonus 2:

Consultations with The Marketing Chef: two 15-minute phone
consultations where I'll help you with your most urgent
marketing needs (Value $250)

Bonus 3:

$100 off Marketing Makeover Workshop (Live
workshop in Dallas/Fort Worth area, teleconference workshop
for out-of-state

By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely
event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad moneyback

You can’t lose with our 100%,
moneyback guarantee!

You have nothing to lose and incredible success to gain!
"Foundations to Irresistible Marketing" will change the face of your
business or I will give you double your money back! That is a

What I’m saying is, don’t decide now if this product is for you.
Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t do everything I say and
more, if you don’t get more business, save money and frustration, if
it isn’t life-changing, if it doesn’t work for you, you have nothing
to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back
under our no-loopholes guarantee.

Here’s how to order right now!

To order "Foundations to Irresistible Marketing" just
click the button below


To your success,

Andrew Szabo, The Marketing Chef

P.S. This introductory price won’t be available for long! We were
able to produce this first batch of products at a discounted rate
because of an initial charitable donation from several contributors.
Introductory quantities are limited – as a matter of fact we NOW
have LESS than 1,000 available at this introductory price.

P.P.S. You get the complete system and 3 bonuses, valued at $975,
for only $125.

P.P.P.S. If you order now you will receive our guarantee 100%
satisfaction or your money back.

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